Sela Pass – Heaven On Earth

Sela Pass is a high altitude mountain Pass that connects the Buddhist City of Tawang. This Pass is situated at 13,700 feet above MSL and is located between Bomdila and Jung in Western Arunachal Pradesh. The only way one can reach Tawang by road is through Sela Pass. This Pass is snowed in most of the year and offers excellent and heavenly views all year round. Very close to the Pass is beautiful Sela Lake, which could be fully or partially frozen in winter. Overall the Sela Pass is one magnificent place to visit. Its Himalayan views are unparalled. From Guwahati to Sela Pass- 340 KM and Sela Pass to Tawang – 78 KM and we are going to this place on 7th,April,2013 with the tourism batique of ‘WANDERLUST’, Calcutta-700029..

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