Big Buddha statue, Phuket, Thailand B

I had the rare opportunity to spend Asanha Bucha Day this past July on top of a small mountain called Nakkerd Hill in Phuket, Thailand where the Big Buddha of Phuket is being constructed. The Big Buddha of Phuket is a giant Buddha image which faces eastward toward Chalong Bay. Its official name is the Phra Mingmongkhol Ake Nagakhiri Buddha and it stands 148 feet in height (45 meters). Funds for this massive structure are coming entirely from donations. This Buddha statue is the largest Buddha image in Thailand and among the top ten largest in Asia. This Buddha image is being constructed not only as a guardian of the island of Phuket and to signify the three jewels of Buddha, Dhamma and the monk Sangha, but it is also being built to honor King Bhumibol of Thailand for reaching his 80th birthday. There is a spectacular view from the mountain this Buddha image is located and you can see all of Phuket from this viewpoint. As you can see from my video, my name is on a square piece of solid marble. 135 tons of these Burmese white marble squares now almost cover the entire structure which was a donation from devout Buddhists. The marble squares with peoples names written on them are being placed on the structure facing inward. I find it rather fascinating that my name will be forever on this Buddha. Seeing this unbelievable statue was one thing but spending Asanha Bucha Day up there was a very spiritual experience. It is a day I will never forget

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