The Sunken City Of Lyesh: Everything You Didn’t Know

There are many legends surrounding this extraordinary lake in Kyrgyzstan – the sunken city of “Lyesh”, the “tears of the snow leopard” that lend the water its salinity, and finally about the name of the lake itself: Issyk Kul. The name means “hot lake”, because despite being at an altitude of over 1,600 meters it never freezes, not even in the coldest of winters; a remarkable natural phenomenon.

In this episode of “Lakes on the Roof of the World” we climb on treacherous paths to the mountain villages of the Terskey-Alatau range and discover the traditional way of life of the Kyrgyz shepherds, but above all, we learn about the life of the people living with and by Lake Issyk Kul.

From the series “Lakes on the Roof of the World.” Untouched Kyrgyzstan

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