Woman Buys Entire Toys From Toy Store For Donation

Whilst walking through her West Village neighbourhood, Carol Suchman noticed that a local toy store was going out of business. Suchman is a Venture capitalist and every year she buys toys to donate to the homeless youth but upon seeing the closing store she decided to do something a little different, she bought the entire store!.

“When I saw this toy store, I just realised I could do it on a grander scale for this one year,” she told Abc News. Suchman went on to explain that she normally tries to remain anonymous. After purchasing thousands of new toys and school supplies they were packaged up and sent to New York City’s Department of Homeless Services.

Apparently this is the first time anyone has bought out an entire toy store and donated it to the department according to Antonio Rodriguez, the Department of Homeless Services’ special events director. “We are grateful for this generous donation and are excited to be able to bring some joy to these children who have so little, this holiday season.”

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