Shilpa Yoga – Bhramamudra Lord Brahmas Pose

Bring Your Legs Together And Your Arms To Your Sides. Now Slide Your Feet Towards You As Close To Your Buttocks As Possible With The Soles Remaining On The Ground So That Your Knees Are Pointing Towards The Ceiling. Grasp Each Ankle With The Respective Hand. Leaving Your Soles Flat On The Ground And Holding On To Your Ankles Lift Your Pelvic Region Off The Ground While Breathing In. Tuck Your Shoulders In Making Sure That You Are Well Balanced. Once In The Final Position Breathe Normally. Hold For As Long As Comfortable. Initially This Shouldnt Be For More Than Thirty Seconds. Exhale And Slowly Return To The Ground In Reverse Order. Stretch Your Legs Out. Relax. Find The Shavasana Pose.This Is An Excellent Workout For The Muscles Of The Back And The Hamstrings. Because It Directs Blood To The Brain Its Very Effective For Combating Depression Stress And Insomnia

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