Man Gets First Ever Double Arm Transplant

PlusMan Gets First-ever Double Arm TransplantMan Gets First-ever Double Arm TransplantThe Associated PressA German farmer who lost both his arms in an accident has been successfully fitted with two new limbs in the first complete double arm transplant, his surgeons said. (Aug. 3)A German farmer is the first-ever recipient of a double arm transplant. (NATS IN GERMAN)Doctors say the surgery, which happened in mid-July, was a success. The unidentified 54-year-old farmer lost both arms in an accident. It took a team of 40 doctors, nurses and assistants to complete the attachment.(NATS IN GERMAN)At a news conference, doctors played an audiotape of the patient, who said he hopes that the ongoing treatment will be as successful as the surgery itself.Doctors say the man’s wife spontaneously grabbed his arms and said they looked just like his original limbs. Another surgeon, Edgar Biemer, said the greatest challenge was establishing blood flow between the farmer’s body and the muscles in the new arms. Doctors are monitoring the patient closely to make sure his body and immune system do not reject the new limbs. The patient cannot move his new arms yet. Doctors hope his network of nerves will expand at a pace of about half an inch a day. Even in that best case scenario for growth, it could take two years before the patient would be able to manipulate his new hands without assistance. ___ ___, The

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